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Accident and Incident Investigations

As an employer, you have a legal duty of care to protect your employees by implementing safe working practices (safe systems of work).
Safe systems of work are the backbone of a good health and safety management system and provide a tangible that gives you a benchmark of expectations from which to judge your performance.

Incidents are never nice and no matter how many control measures you may have in place, sometimes there’s just no stopping them from happening, often resulting in accidents and injuries being incurred. What is paramount is having adequate processes in place to avoid them re-occurring.

In order to avoid re-occurrence, we’ll work with you to create safe systems of work.

PP & CP Management Services will:
  • Advise when an incident needs to be escalated and why.
  • Advise on how to report incidents – legal requirements.
  • Advise on control measures to be implemented in order to prevent a further re-occurrence of the incident.
  • Support you through serious incident/accident process.
  • Advise on training courses that may be required to protect your companies interests.