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Management Services

The management process in construction can be extremely puzzling but its main core remains the same. The coordination, planning, and completion of any project regardless of its type (e.g. engineering, industrial, energy, civil). Construction management requires good real-time communication between the various project stakeholders. What makes construction management challenging is the need for thorough understanding and knowledge of the vast number of areas such as budgeting, health and safety, law, and mediation between stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a successful construction project to the client.

Management roles & responsibilities include:
  • Planning / organising production/installation schedules and subsequent personnel
  • Assessing project and resources requirements
  • Setting and controlling targets in line with production budgets.
  • Overseeing production processes
  • Ensuring quality control standards are consistently met
  • Organising the planned preventative maintenance schemes for plant and equipment
  • Liaising with procurement, design, technical and project teams to ensure targets are met
  • Supervising the work of staff
  • Ensuring Health & Safety requirements are fulfilled
  • Report on progress
  • Provide guidance and mentoring to staff
  • Strong leadership skills constantly driving change and work /process improvements